Not for me the cardgame with the guard
The hearty breakfast, final letter home
Before the drop.

Alone in a strange place, plagued by strangers,
I shall keep watch with the soon gone, nil by mouth,
Until they come.

I shall say a solemn service for myself
And cower in my corner counting hours
Until they say it's time.

Then I shall ride the tumbril trolley road
Past waiting waste disposal carts
Towards the doors.

Sandra never said which was her favourite poem, but she did tell her McMillan nurse that this was the one of which she was the most proud. Maybe "favourite" and "most proud" meant the same to her.

Although Nightwatch was finished in September 2005, she wrote to LG at that time

And here's another which was also waiting to be finished. As you may imagine it was written in May/June (op. 24th June)

The final verse is more literal than it might seem. When being taken to the operating theatre there was only one lift which could be used, the lobby of which was used to keep sealed (and, hopefully, empty) waste disposal skips. To reach the lift doors, she would be wheeled along the corridor and past those skips.