Late Fruits

Late flowering, later fruits
Fall to ground and never germinate,
Their ripened fullness comes too late,
Shrivelled, killed, by winter's fast approach;
So talents in fruition cut off short
Will never blossom fresh again,
Although the cankered rose
Smells sweetest as it dries.

Unlike her other poems, Late Fruits is dated only as "May 2006" without being given any specific day. Although probably due to simple oversight, this lapse does make it difficult to place Late Fruits precisely in the chronology.

Of the pieces, Bluebells, Kidnap and Late Fruits, Sandra later wrote

I wrote those 3 pieces during my all-too-short break from treatment last month. I needed down-time to come to myself a little bit and that was just not long enough, so it required an enormous effort of will and energy to concentrate on just a little writing, but I did need the break. I just hope I have the time and energy to concentrate on attempting to develop the other fragments which have been waiting for so long.