I am captured by the crab,
Pincered grimly in its grip;
Through poison cold and scything summer heat,
Through burning autumn into cold again,
Through intermittent winter drenches;
Razor claws clamp ever tighter,
Cutting stronger into struggles,
Twin assassins squeezing out the breath.
So I must now stay still within its grip,
Resistance leads to deeper damage:
No way out until released,
Or cut right through at last.

Sandra's own title for this piece was "The Year of the Crab". I have, however, changed that, here, because I have discovered that someone else had already used that title for a published poem (1). Sandra used "Crab" as the filename for this piece. The connection between Crab and Cancer is obvious. 2005, which had just finished, could truly have been called her year of cancer.

(1) The Year of the Crab (Intimations of Mortality), Vernon Scannell, AMBIT No 167-2002, pp 48-49